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Area Rug Sale

At RugZilla the choice is yours in regards to how you want to emphasize your particular area rug tastes and turn your home into a warm, inviting, en vogue, fun, and/or beautiful retreat. We have helpful search tools that give you the freedom to pick the exact color, size, and style you’re looking for. From the hip, contemporary designs in the Trans Ocean Ravella collection to the more refined and traditional selections of Nourison Somerset, RugZilla has it all.

Along with your tastes, your lifestyle is an important aspect to keep in mind when selecting an area rug. If you’re looking for kid and pet-friendly rugs then consider the easy-to-clean, durable synthetic rugs of the Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy. For traditional and contemporary styles, the KAS Ruby rug collection provides many diverse options. We have something for every room, style, or decorating theme - and offer an exciting selection of indoor-outdoor rugs as well.

To accentuate your retro home select a fuzzy shag rug from the Dalyn Casual Elegance or KAS Bliss. You can even dress up your cottage or kitchen with a traditional, durable Capel Manchester braided rug. We also have eclectic collections, like rugs from the Oriental Weavers Sphinx Kharma line, which offer a broad range of contemporary and traditional designs.

Runners - for Halls and Tight Spaces

Hallways are often narrow spaces need rug runners because a hall is so narrow design options are – generally - limited. Runners are simply long, floor-coverings that can be placed in a narrow space. Even though this concept is a simple one, adding one of these narrow rugs is the perfect way to bring your hall to life.

Often inspired by Persian and Oriental designs, these runner rugs are both practical and stylish. However, if you’re not into traditional designs the industry has really opened up. Today we have plenty of contemporary examples, or solid colors if you want something very simple, to choose from as well.

Two things to consider when choosing one of these rugs are the length and width of your hallway. Many people assume the width for these rugs is standardized but this is not true in all cases. Once you have these numbers, determine how much you wish to leave for the bare floor and if you wish to put narrow furnishings in the hallway. Then choose any rug runner you like that fits those dimensions. Photographs and paintings can do wonders for your hallways, but nothing adds a touch of color to your hall floors better than a runner.