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Dimensions Nd22 Green Rug

$79.00 - $1,349.00


Concept and construction come together nicely in the Nourison Dimensions area rug. This collection features designs inspired by the great modern art of the last century, as well as artistic reflections on floral and animal print designs. Bold colors anchored by warm reds, and deep greens with brilliant accent notes. Hand-knotted for texture and density, with pure premium wool for comfort and durability. The Dimensions rug offers thoughtful modern design in timeless quality.

100% Wool

Hand Knotted


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Deep Piles Are Classic

One of the best things about deep-piled shag area rugs are they provide both eye-catching appeal and warmth. Sinking your toes into that deep pile on a cold day or covering up cool tiles, ceramic floors, or cold marble with a bright, fluffy rug is absolutely the best way to warm up any home.

A bright shag rug can easily become a focal point, but you can also opt for a white pile if you’re going for serenity or place any of our these rugs on a fully carpeted floor for a unique, layered look. These rugs make everything cozier. If you have a fireplace, try a fluffy deep pile in front of the fireplace, for the little ones to curl up with a book or favorite pet.

Of course, your shag rug doesn’t have to be just an accent. With so many mid-century modern design trends out there today, you can easily incorporate one into an innovative living room, office, or even a far out 60s or 70s themed bedroom.

No matter which color or style you choose, all of our shag selections are made from quality materials and built to last. Also, if you remember original shag rugs and are allergic to wool...don’t worry! A wide variety of synthetics are available. So you go as wild or as tame as you desire. When you choose shag rugs, you’re choosing a rug that’s just plain fun.